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Some blogs I like

July 29, 2011

I should of course put these on a blog roll on the side here, but I haven’t worked out how to do this yet.  In the meanwhile, here is a fairly random list:

Cass Gilberts ride down the America’s.  By far my favourite blog of the last two years, now sadly the journey is at an end.

Copenhagan Cycling Chic.  An excuse to look at pictures of cute girls while maintaining some sort of cred.

Crooked Timber.  Always very interesting stuff from some annoyingly overeducated people.

Marginal Revolution.  I don’t like Tyler Cowans politics, but I love his blog.

Matt Yglesias.  The econo/political nerds nerd.  For nerds.  Actually, there is always something interesting there.

Spike Japan.  Brilliant writing and photographs about everything thats gone wrong in Japan in the last 20 years.  Some of it is chillingly familiar.

Barking up the Wrong Tree.  Lots of things you really don’t need to know about.

Akira Kurosawa.  My favourite online club.  Endless discussions about the greatest film director of them all.

Politicalworld.  I think the only Irish political discussion forum that isn’t a complete zoo for trolls.  So far, anyway.

The Onion.  ’nuff said.

The Oil Drum.  Scary stuff that will have you stocking up on beans and buying solar panels, not to mention guns.

World Cycle at Vimeo.  Lots of stuff to watch if you have more time than me.

Progressive Economy in Ireland.  Its usually right, but nobody listens anyway.

Nama Wine Lake.  Terribly depressing, the Irish economic blog version of listening to 1980’s Goth music.

Lovely bikes.  Its about lovely bikes.

Zonalmarking.  Football blog for people who prefer watching on TV to playing it.  The best thing about this site is that after a few reads you can really, really annoy people in pubs with your comments on the flaws in Manchester Uniteds line-up.

Some style…. for folding bikes.  Ok, thats a tautology, but its still a nice jacket.


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