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First rides

July 31, 2011

Before I go embarrass myself on some proper mountain biking singletrack, I’ve been giving the new bike a few spins around my familiar local trails in the Phoenix Park.  Its been dry recently, so they are rock hard, so they are very fast if much bumpier than usual.  The bike of course feels great.  I usually ride around here with my Kona Unit singlespeed, but despite the Nerve being a lot heavier, it actually feels lighter – I assume thanks to the better grip and control.  It floats over roots and little drops as if they aren’t there, and I was able to do a few little awkward sections that I’m too nervous about usually on the Kona.  I’ve been getting a few curious looks from the deer, and instead of the usual kamikaze squirrels, this week its been rabbits and a pheasant that have been dodging my front wheel – successfully (so far).

I do like the matching colour scheme, but I wonder how long my grips are going to stay this nice white colour.  My guess is about a week….

What I notice most about the bike is how incredibly silent it is.  I think this is mostly down to the internally routed cables, which apart from giving the bike a much cleaner appearance, damps down a lot of the usual clanking.  Its wonderful to just hear the faint whirring of the freewheel and the rumble of rubber on hard earth, and nothing else at all.  I like this bike.  I like it a lot.

Some kids in the park did ask me how much it cost.  I lied.


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