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Food, car parking, economics, other stuff (my recent reading)

August 11, 2011


Scheisse.  Michael Lewis on Germany.  Probably only partially true, but very funny. And from a few months ago, Lewis on Ireland.

Beer to avoid.  I have no idea if this is real or not, hopefully not.

Testosterone doesn’t make you aggressive – it actually makes (women) more reasonable.  But people think it makes them more aggressive, so they get more aggressive when they think they are given it…. people really are a bit strange.

Super dancing squid.  I can’t quite see this Japanese dish being added to Yo! Sushi’s menu soon.  Its all very Oldboy.

Bad news for lamb lovers who think its a climate friendly food. I’m really very surprised at those figures, I would have assumed sheep rearing was lower in impact than any other meat.

A spreadsheet of what fish to eat or not eat.   It seems there are more ‘not’ than ‘do’ recommendations, sadly.

The Financial Times on Peak Soil.

Why car parking standards and roads are a subsidy to the better off.

A comparison of living standards between the US and Europe.  Basically, US citizens are better off, up until they have to pay for education and healthcare, and then… well….

How much is a life worth?  It depends on who you ask.


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