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Some cycling clips

August 18, 2011

Here’s a few cycling videos I’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks:

The side saddle hop.  Just one more skill Dutch girls could export to the world.

Armani Jeans?  fixies?  How to kill a trend stone dead.

The latest gorgeous video from Danny MacAskill.  And here is his way back home, and this is the original Inspired Cycles.  All utterly beautiful. Great music too.

I posted this one before, but its worth posting again, truly amazing:

Going downhill in Chile.  I always wondered what the dog was thinking.  Maybe he’s related to this Labrador (also posted before).


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  1. I was a bit disappointed with Danny’s latest. The industrial backdrop is a bit depressing after his Way Back Home video. Uninspired, I’d call the new vid. And too perfect, too utterly unattainable for the rest of us humble bikers!

  2. Yes, I’d agree, its not quite up to ‘long way home’. I guess this is his ‘Home Alone 3’.

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