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Holy shopfronts, mobile phones, Texas… a few random links to my recent browsing…

September 5, 2011

A window display in the town of Puy in France

The always very readable John Lanchester gives by far the best overview of the sheisse we are in economically, why we are heading towards 10 years of recession and why Belgium politics is funny.

Who is suing who over mobile phone patents.  This is why you should encourage your children to be lawyers, not software geeks.

Beer, Unions, corporatism.  Why craft beers may be great to drink, but not so great for workers.  And a refutation (or at least, an argument against) by Henry Farrelly.

How Texas escaped the housing bubble.  Tighter rules on mortgages, simple as that.

A very very very big sushi.  I don’t understand the commentary, but I think its pretty much self explanatory.

Denmarks finest, the Raveonettes – singing about Texas


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