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50 Documentaries to see before you die and other random readings.

September 8, 2011

Some grass at Mizen Head

An inevitably controversial list from the New York Times featuring 50 documentaries you must see before you die. I’m sorry to say I’ve only seen about half a dozen of those listed. Grizzly Man certainly deserves to be there, its one of my all time favourite films (even though I decided not to watch it before I went on my cycle-camping trip to the Rockies last year, that and ‘Deliverance‘. Waltz With Bashir is brilliant, but I must admit it never crossed my mind to think of it as a documentary. The one documentary I would have added to the list is The Revolution will not be Televised, but I’ll leave everyone to guess why the NY Times doesn’t list that film.

Not quite a documentary, but on the last couple of days of the Vuelta, here is a nice memory – Sean Kelly winning it in 1988.

And some other things I’ve been reading:

Intellectuals in the modern world.  A classic and quite brilliant Chomsky rant.

Explaining the Euro crisis with Lego.  Self explanatory I would say.

And finally, some music

Some Sigur Ros – Heima. I’ve no idea what the lyrics mean, but who cares.


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