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Some articles I’ve been reading about Germany, who now seem to (pretty much officially) own us.

September 12, 2011

Nothing to do with Germany, but when i was little this beach (Dunmoran Strand) was listed in a German nudist publication as an 'unofficial' nudist beach, which left my mother wondering why we were always asking if she could persuade dad to buy some binoculars.

And what prompts me to post about Germany? An article today in Der Speigel that seems to be setting the ground for a rapid expulsion of Greece from the Eurozone (it could well happen this week). The question is, who goes after Greece? On page 2 there are some interesting comments about Ireland, which may explain why there has been a desperate series of attempts by the Irish government to set out the narrative that austerity is working.  In other words, they are hoping the Germans will draw the line at Greece.

Yglasias on German Prudence.  Basically, the Germans were not more fiscally prudent than the Irish or Spanish.  They have better growth and development policies.  Its an important distinction.  And also, Yglasias on how FDR and… Hitler cured unemployment in the 1930’s.

The English are really Germans.  Or, to be precise, Fresians.  As the map shows, we only took our cows from Fresia.  Oh, and the Americans are mostly Germans too.  And, according to a US court in 1908, the Finns are really white people.  I mean, who’d have thought it?

And sort of on the subject of Germans, a theory by Brad deLong as to why the ECB, encouraged by the Germans, insist on following policies that are demonstrably wrong.

And finally….

Germanys finest, Kraftwork, doing what Kraftwork do on the subject of the Tour de France.


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