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Walking around Aughris and Dunmoran

September 16, 2011

I hate to give away what can seem like a secret place, but really, this part of Sligo is as beautiful as anywhere I know. There isn’t much here – just a good cliff walk, a lovely beach walk, and some archaeology, but in the right weather its as lovely a place as I’ve ever been.

Looking back towards Knocknarae

View west, the Coragh dTonn cave is further along here, but it was too windy to walk further along a narrow cliff walk.

The inner ditch of an Iron Age coastal fort.

Dunmoran beach

Behind the the beach I found the rotting carcass of ‘The Twit’ (apparently it had a ruder name that nobody told us kids), the boat built by a local fisherman, Harold Golden. He always used to bring us out fishing – we’d help get the crabs out of the lobster pots and catch lots of mackeral for bait (and dinner). I once caught 20 in a few hours on the boat.

And beside the boat is the shell of what was called ‘The Yellow House’, the little holiday home my parents rented year after year to visit the area. I remember all those days sitting at that window looking at the rain.


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