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Ticknock in the mist

September 21, 2011

I’d hoped to take some nice photos from the Ticknock Mountain bike trail, but the weather forecast for Sunday was a bit awry so I didn’t get the nice clear views I’d hoped for.  The views from the top looking over Dublin bay can be quite spectacular.  But not this time.  So I mainly just focused on riding the trail, three times in a loop (its only 8km, although with a good stiff climb to get to the top).

The trail starts at the highest carpark at Ticknock, 220 metres lower than the peak. There is a long, steep, but well paved road almost to the top, where the trail starts next to one of the big telecommunications masts that dominate the hill. After the sheltered woodland climb, the harsh winds at the open and exposed summit can be quite a shock, and there is an unearthly howl as the wind rips through all the cables and masts.


The trail loops around the peak, giving some wonderful views, first of Bray, then Dublin Bay. Or at least it would have, if it wasn’t so cloudy.

Eventually, the clouds did lift for a while to give a view out towards Howth.

The long windy descent is quite technical but lots of fun. Its quite well designed to ensure it doesn’t get too muddy – although its only a few months old, time will tell if it’ll survive a harsh winter.

I got back to find I’d been afflicted with a particularly nasty case of helmet hair.

At least I didn’t do what this person did – go walking or cycling up the mountain, leaving a whole pile of keys in the car door of his expensive looking Land Rover. I hope for his sake that all the walkers on sunday were honest. Most likely, all Dublin car thieves were at home watching the All Ireland or Manchester Utd vs Chelsea that day, so he’d be lucky enough.


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