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Arthurs Day

September 22, 2011

Just to be perverse, on Arthurs Day I decide to toast that gentleman with a much better Irish beer, O’Haras Irish Stout.

And here’s some things I’ve been reading/watching:

Swiss humour.  I could really do with this guys help to tidy up my bedroom (and everything else for that matter).  But it does put me off wanting to go to Switzerland.

Japanese healthcare.  And on things Japanese, The Worst Hotel in Japan (not really, it actually sounds wonderful in a strange sort of way).

The most dangerous jobs in America.  And six times more men die in workplace accidents than women.  And vaguely related, there are now officially 140,000 ways to hurt yourself in America.

The Arab Spring means good news for the British economy!

Approximately $75,000 a year is what you should aim to earn every year – if you wish to optimise your happiness.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Imperialism

Absolutely insane downhill riding from Danny Hart (and equally insane commentary).  And a gentler, nicer mtb video from the North Shore.  Still a bit mad though.

New designs for electricity pylons.

Possibly the most painful own goal ever.  And on another sporting note, this is how to do a proper pair of hakas.


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