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All sorts of links about urban planning (and a few other random links)

October 23, 2011

Cars and cities – sprawl is not the result of free market outcomes, it is part of a deliberate policy of favoring the car over other forms of transport.  And here is some research that indicates a positive correlation between urban density and productivity – here is the original paper Bike oriented businesses in America (NYTimes)  – the first of course is a brew pub.  Oh, and bikes are a cheap transport solution for everyone – an interesting article on the politics and economics of the boom in urban cycling in the US.

Some great public housing in the Bronx.

House prices and the choking off of the first tech boom in San Francisco.  The argument is that rocketing prices in the SF area made it impossible for tech workers to move there, resulting in labour market problems.  It would be interesting to compare this to the situation in Ireland – I’ve heard plenty of stories of very qualified worker who wouldn’t move to Dublin in the boom years because of housing costs.  The corollary of this of course is that the collapse in prices could aid start-ups and encourage more companies to come to Ireland.  Except of course that it is official policy via Nama to try to keep property prices high.  More proof if needed of the idiocy of an economic policy that sees rising house prices as a ‘good’ thing.

Very interesting article on recent research on accidents and urban quality in the US.  it seems the old fashioned grid system was best after all, and cul-de sacs are worst.  Also, an explanation of why slower speeds on highways can result in greater efficiency.

Possibly the most painful own goal ever.  And on a sporting note, this is how to do a proper pair of hakas.

Skalatitude – nice travel blog, I love the videoblog from the India Himalaya.  I can almost feel the headache from that altitude….

Foxhunting in Wicklow, downhill mountain bike style, all a bit muddy, but good fun.


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