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Tour de Burren June 29

July 20, 2012

I’d heard a lot about the Tour de Burren, everyone says its maybe the best cycle event in the country right now. I signed up for the second longest route, 104km, and of course it was pouring rain.

Ballyvaughan is a tiny village, but they set up a very good carpark for the 2000 or so riders.

The start is close to the well known ‘Monks’ pub, doing directly west to Fanore.

I got to the start thinking the rain might hold off for a little bit, but it started to pelt down almost immediately.

So on went the ’emergency’ waterproof, which stayed on the whole ride. And I left my camera behind so it wouldn’t get as waterlogged as me.

6 hours later, packing up. It was a long, slow ride in the rain, but very enjoyable. Sadly, no photographs of the beautiful route.

All in all, its a great event, a model for others. Its fun and social, and the different routes loop in on each other, meaning everyone gets to see everyone else at some stage. North Clare is of course sublimely beautiful, even in the rain. Its tougher riding than it appears -although there are no big climbs, there is constant short sharp ones, which can be draining. And of course there are those Atlantic winds.


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